• Website Development
    Website Development Website development begins with planning.
  • Mobile Devices
    Mobile Devices Want information at your fingertips? Who doesn't?
  • Application Development
    Application Development Application development for the web, mobile devices, and the desktop.
  • Search Engine Optimization
    Search Engine Optimization SEO is a process involving several steps.

Our Webhosting

NxGn Webhosting is performance and security based. We do not offer "too good to be true" limitless diskspace, bandwith, and email accounts.

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  • Puzzled? We're not.
    Puzzled? We're not. Development, Hosting, SEO, Data
  • Performance Hardware
    Performance Hardware Configured for performance.
  • Twice Daily Backups
    Twice Daily Backups Site and databases backed up.
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Content Management Systems

Step 1- choose a content management system. We develop websites using solid, tested open source solutions so that before we even begin to talk about design we've saved you somewhere in the area of $10,000 in development costs. In some cases it's much more than that.

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Search Engine Optimization

Step 2- build your site and create content with SEO in mind. SEO includes key search word and phrase research, well organized content structure, back link building, and social media integration.

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Website Hosting

Step 3- choose a good website hosting company. Not all web hosting companies are equal. You get what you pay for. We offer hosting and believe our services are the best. High performance tuned hardware, secure, twice daily backups of site and databases.

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Backups, Updates, & Maintenance

Step 4- maintain your website. Common to all our websites is the cPanel application used to manage the backend of your site. Setting up email accounts with spam filtering, checking visitor activity, viewing log files, or restoring backups are just some of the features.

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Application Development

Real Studio is a cross-platform development environment that works on Windows, Macintosh, and Linux. Write once and complie for all three platforms.

Desktop applications, client-server database, web applications, and applications for mobile devices can all be developed using Real Studio.

Real Studio is a robust object-oriented programming language that allows us to write on any platform we want and then compile to all three platforms.


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