Xojo Features

xojo Features

A Professional Development Tool

Xojo is a truly cross-platform development tool and that is why we use it. Our clients are always mixed platform environments with needs on the Macintosh and Windows platform. If you programmed with the BASIC programming language years ago then forget any of your assumptions. This is a modern programming tool and is an object oriented programming environment. It is robust and allows us to write on any platform we want and then compile to all three platforms.



  • Desktop Applications
    Write applications to run on Windows, Macintosh, or Linux desktop computers
  • Web Applications
    Use Xojo Web Edition to develop web applications
  • Client Server Database
    Choose from a number of database systems and use Xojo to develop the user interface
  • Mobile Device Apps
    We are eagerly awaiting the soon to be released iOS version of Xojo that will allow for the development of iPhone apps.

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  • Apps
  • Database

Server Hardware


For database and website hosting we work with Linux or Mac OS X server software. Our recommendation is to go with an industry standard hardware configuration and install onto that the free and opens source components you need.

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