WordPress Overview

WordPress is accepted by most as an easy to use website development platform. WordPress, like all CMS systems, is a collection of scripts. It’s not an application within a single file. These scripts are written to perform a particular function that, when combined with the other scripts of the WordPress installation, make up the WordPress experience. This is important to know not only for WordPress but for any CMS. These scripts are written by a lot of different people and it’s crucial to security to keep these “scripts” up to date. It’s also crucial to understand when you extend your WordPress site with plug-ins, themes, and any other software that the plugin scripts might not be compatible with the latest version of WordPress.

WordPress is widely regarded as an easy to use platform for your website. It can be. It can also be quiet complex and most people can spend a week or more setting it up. WordPress was originally designed as a blog engine but now it may not have a single blog page.

What we like about WordPress.

  • Easy to use, maintain, and update for single users or business with a small number of users.
  • Has many plugins for extending the functionality of your site.
  • Has great “core” plugins - backup, security, SEO, and URL maintenance.
  • Has a good plugin page showing important statistics for the plugin.
  • Has a great forum for support.

What we don't like about WordPress.

  • Does not scale well to larger numbers of users.
  • Does not have built-in Access Control Lists (ACLs) which permit the assignment of users into groups which then are given access to only the features they need to see.
  • Features that are built into the core of Joomla or Drupal are provided as a plug-in. The difference being that with Joomla or Drupal you have an organization maintaining the code vs. a single developer who may move onto something else. For example, to take WordPress offline you need to install a plugin that does that.
  • Plugins are sometimes not updated and are obsolete. Compatibility with current versions of WordPress may not be maintained.
  • Does not have the ability to include some of the more powerful features needed by larger businesses.

We like using WordPress for photographers, lawyers, real estate offices, and similar sole proprietorships. We don’t like using it in environments where several people will be making occasional updates to the site and these people have no interest in becoming proficient in WordPress. WordPress does not allow the administrator to "hide away" features not useful to those managing content.

We should add that WordPress does have one unique and powerful feature and that is the multisite feature. If this is an option for you we can discuss it.

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