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Founded by Duane L. Mitchell, Next Generation Solutions (NxGn) began in 1991 as a Macintosh consulting company focused on providing services to the graphic arts industry during the desktop publishing boom. With experience in all phases of this business from production to accounting NxGn focused on workflow automation with AppleScript and accounting applications. In the mid 1990's digital asset management arrived in the form of Windows NT server technology. Partnering with systems integrators NxGn worked with companies all over the US including Ralph Lauren/Polo, M&M Mars, Kimberly-Clark, Sony Music, and many more to provide comprehensive digital asset management systems. Windows 95 was launched in, well, 1995 taking a much of Macintosh based business systems in the process particularly accounting solutions. Meanwhile, workflow automation continued to be of interest in several areas of grahics including catalog publishing.

Digital Asset Management (DAM) continued to grow as a vertical market for software developers with many products arriving on the scene. All these products were Windows server technology based thus driving NxGn to enhance its skills with Windows technologies. This started a round of both Macintosh and Windows certifications with a growing focus on traditional IT issues including A+ machine repair, networking hardware and software issues, and security.

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Mac OS X introduced Unix into the technology equation. In the early part of the 2000 decade Linux became a more stable viable alternative to Windows technologies but only in certain well defined roles. Database and website services were two solutions that the Linux OS excelled at. The free and open source combination of Linux OS, Apache web server, Php programming, and the MySQL database system dominated the internet at this time.

At one time a company faced a choice of which platform to purchase as the desktop OS of their organization. It mostly came down to Windows or Unix with the occassional Macintosh system in the decision mix. Application developers such as Adobe and Microsoft had already begun cross platform development beginning with the introduction of Windows 95. The Macintosh held on tenaciously to its market share in the graphics related technologies. The internet began to blend all these platforms together beginning with broswers and online or cloud solutions. NxGn, recognizing this shift, began offering website development services using open source solutions such as WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla.

Over the past 8 years NxGn has been shifting its focus to website development, client-server database development, Linux OS based solutions, and cross platform application development. Most of our work involves free and open source solutions which don't cost anything to install. During the course of its 20+ years NxGn has successfully developed, managed, and deployed many solutions. Some of these included training by setting up an inhouse classroom. NxGn takes full responsibility for the conception, development, testing, deployement, and training for any project they take on.

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