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Next Generation Solutions, Boston, MA 02131 USANext Generation Solutions (NxGn) provides services that ultimately lead to innovative websites, database systems, and applications deployed and maintained in your environment. We are located in Boston, MA 02131 and have been in business for over 20 years. We will handle everything from the building of your machine right on up to deployment and training on the solution. It's not often that we do build a machine as prices of built machines are very reasonable but we can if necessary and since the first thing we usually do is wipe the OS from the machine it's a good option.

Much or our work is based on free and open source operating systems, database systems, and a variety of web based solutions. We add these to whatever machine is chosen to host them. We will develop any applications that may be needed to access, update, or create new data records or content using the Xojo cross platform development tool. We will install the completed solution into your network and then do any training or follow up support.

Websites are generally hosted on a high quality, high performance hosting service.

All of our work "does something". To understand it you should ask for a discussion on what you're considering and we can show you what we've done. A typical website design studio might show a portfolio of their work. Our work is much more than what meets the eye.

Simple is not powerful, powerful is not simple.

From years of experience, Duane Mitchell

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