The Apps

We choose carefully the tools we invest our time in to learn. Our clients tend to be in the small to medium size category and need solutions quickly and within budget. We have chosen the following tools to become expert at:

  • Xojo - a cross platform development tool that lets you write one base of code and then compile that code for Windows, Macintosh, and Linux platforms. There is also a web version of the application and soon an iOS version will be available.
  • MySQL - always a contender for the title of the most popular database in the world. Now owned by Oracle it is getting regular enhancement.
  • PostgreSQL - probably the most powerful of the free and open source database systems. It will comfortably handle record counts in the billions.

Website Hosting

Hosting your site with us means you get extra performance enhancing software, security entensions, and SEO extensions installed at no cost. Backups are made of both your site and your database daily. In addition to that we perform the monthly maintenace such as backups, software updates, security checks, and visitor report analysis. Anything we see that you should know about is brought to your attention.

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