Cloud Based Solutions

Options for cloud based solutions continues to increase. There is a range that runs from simple file storage to complex server solutions. When the need for a performance based hosted solution arises we will confer with you over the choice.

We have clients with which we've developed simple database solutions and have hosted those databases on their webserver. This would have to be a MySQL or PostgreSQL database. This works good for small to medium size business and community based groups.

The second type of cloud based solution is dedicated to meeting higher performance and/or security requirements. There are a number of good companies offering cloud based solutions hosting and we will discuss the best one for you in more detail as we discuss your needs.

Cloud Based Solutions

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So many services are now being hosted "in the cloud". Email is seeing a lot of migration to a cloud based service. Companies that specialize in email hosting can do a much better job at that one thing than most companies can by keeping a mail server in house.

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