Macintosh Based Solutions

Macintosh hardware for website and database serving of open source solutions is a good choice. We can deliver to you a complete Macintosh OS X server system that is ready to plug-in, power up, and add to your network. It will include the hardware and software needed to run your solution including daily backup.

What we like about Macintosh based solutions:

  • Total cost of ownership is comparatively low. The OS X Server operating system is very inexpensive to purchase. In fact it's almost free. What you do have to purchase is the desktop version of OS X. You can then "unlock" the server version. The cost for OS X desktop is less than $50.00. There is no per seat licensing for OS X Server or any free and open-source database system. The hardware may range in cost from about $1000 to $3000 or more depending on your needs.
  • Hardware is relatively efficient. OS X Server is Unix based and can be configured to run lean.
  • Security is solid. When we build a system for a webserver and/or a database we finish the build by locking it down securely. Since we aren't running a lot of services it reduces the vulneabilities.
  • Stability is good. Mac OS X Server is a relatatively stable solution. It will need attention from time to time.
  • Performance. You can count on persistent high performance on servers, workstations, and on your network from Macintosh hardware.
  • Community support. There is an abundance of support for all Mactintosh systems.

What we don't like about Macintosh based solutions:

  • Cost. Perhaps we're being a bit picky here, maybe even cheap, but you will spend more money on a Macintosh based system but you will get a lot for your money.

Apple Macintosh


The Apple Mac Mini is an ideal choice for small to medium size business database and web serving. The machine is relatively inexpensive, is reliable, and comes with a warranty. The server operating system now comes from Apple at no cost. All you have to do is purchase a desktop version of their OS.

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