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Linux Based Solutions

We can deliver to you a complete system that is ready to plug-in, power up, and add to your network. It can include hardware and software on Linux or Macintosh based hardware. We prefer to work with Linux and Mac OS X hardware and server software combinations for a number of reasons. For both website and database serving of open source solutions it is a good choice.

What we like about Linux based solutions:

  • Total cost of ownership is very low. There is no cost for the operating system. No per seat licensing for the OS or any free and open-source database system.
  • Hardware is less expensive and more efficient. Linux runs lean and is more resource efficient than any other OS/hardware combination.
  • Security is solid. When we build a system for a webserver and/or a database we finish the build by locking it down securely. Since we aren't running a lot of services it reduces the vulneabilities.
  • Stability is unfailing. Linux systems stability is legendary. Many users report never having a crash and disk use is so efficient there isn't any defragging necessary.
  • Performance. You can count on persistent high performance on servers, workstations, and on your network from Linux.
  • Community support. Linux has become so popular that there is no shortage of community support and it is taught in every college in America offering a computer science curriculum that includes modern operating systems.

What we don't like about Linux based solutions:

  • Open-source based. There is increased responsibility placed on the solution provider to understand the system. For the most part it's not what might be described as "user friendly".