The Numbers

The raw numbers and data your website generates are insights into visitor activity and will allow you improve your site and achieve your goals. If you've built your website according to SEO best practices then the numbers you are getting are good to look at. We always start our raw data collection by setting up accounts with both Google Analytics and Stat Counter. What we like about Stat Counter is you can tag a particular IP address with a name and thus inspect activity from that IP address. It's nice to know who is interested in your company.

The process of data analysis can seem unweildly but once you define your business goals for visitors to your site it all becomes easier. Then you analyze the behavior of your visitors to see which pages they visit along the way to a successful conversion.

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It makes no sense to host your site anywhere but with the best. It takes experience to know the difference. Usually bad experience. With Rochen we have never experienced a problem or wanted something we couldn't get. Ever. We have a list of services and features other hosting services don't provide. We've used them since 2007.

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