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Below are some frequently asked questions as well as some useful information.

Our primary form of contact is email. Describe your issue if it's not to complicated. Otherwise just ask for a phone call. We will reply to the email within an hour, usually a few mintues, and we will schedule a phone call at a mutually convenient time. If it's an emergency then use the phone.

Common Queries and Questions

  1. Do you use screen sharing? Yes, the time saved by not having to make on site visits is dramatic. We use a variety of online tools for support, training, demonstrating, and progress viewing.
  2. Is our website online during development? For the most part no. We develop your website on our in-house server. We can give you a link to it and it will be viewable but only while the computer is on.
  3. Can we update our website ourselves? Yes, we build your site with an easy to use content management system.

Travel time is a cost of doing business. Once a project is underway we understand the need for face to face meetings to get a better understanding of the unique circumstances we're dealing with. However, for the early meetings through to proof-of-concept or early design proofs there is no lack of effectiveness in using various sharing tools. As such we do not generally meet in person at the onset of a new project.


Still Have Questions?

Get direct access to the team via phone, email or live chat.

We are readily available to discuss any issue. The best way to contact us is by email. Send an email, tell us when you're free to take a phone call, and we'll get in touch. You can also get in touch by phone or by live chat.


Telephone Support

Telephone support is provided on a scheduled basis. It's simple, just send us an email describing the issue and we will get back to you asap. This allows us to switch gears from whatever we're doing at the moment, research your issue, and make good use of both our time and yours to deliver a solution.


Ticket System

For current clients we offer a ticketing system by which they can track any issue they submit.

Online Live Chat

We are always online on Skype. Once you become a client we will give you our Skype ID and you will find us there. In working with us through Skype we would appreciate the courtesy of sending up a preliminary Skype "ping" to let us know you want our attention and a brief description of what it is about. We will clear our decks and get back to you asap with a solution.


Downloadable PDFs

For the more complex solutions that need it we can include documentation in the form of PDF's or video tutorials. Please discuss this with us early on in the project so we can budget for it.