Add-on Features for your Website

Choose from among these popular add-ons to a website.

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Extra Pages

Extra pages at $75 per pageAdditional webpages are developed at the rate of $75 per page providing that artwork and content is supplied is supplied in a workable form. It doesn’t have to be perfect.


Webforms - $135 for 7 fields, additional fields are extra

Web forms design by Next Generation SolutionsWeb forms prices will be quoted following a discussion to develop a spec. Pricing depends on the number of fields, price per field goes down with the number of fields. Pricing also depends on what is done with the data once the submit button is clicked. Does it go to a database? An email? Do you need a client app to view the data?


Ecommerce - priced per quote

Ecommerce Solutions by Next Generation SolutionsEcommerce can get expensive fast. There are certain features that will kick you up into new levels of expense, security needs, and effort required to maintain and manage. If you are new to ecommerce we can start you off with a simple shopping cart using PayPal checkout. You will learn what is involved in running ecommerce on a small scale. If you make money we can plan to scale the operation up to a larger operation.


Images for Content - priced per quote

Stock photos acquistion for your websiteIf you do not have images for your site we will find them for you from stock photo providers. We will charge you for the cost of the images and in some cases for our time. If you are particularly picky and do not want to spend the time to research the images yourself then you will be bill for the go arounds.


 Artwork Development - priced per quote

Special artwork designed to specificationSpecial artwork such as logos, banners, headers, and the like that are beyond the basic package and/or require special design requirements will be billed separately.


 Video - priced per quote

Video can contribute to your websiteVideo can be an influential contributor to your SEO effectiveness. We can help with simple video or recommend a professional. For the most part we set you up with integrated YouTube account and embed the video in your content. This is a good thing for SEO.


 Photogallery - priced per quote

Photo galleries for any purposeWe have a lot of experience with photo galleries of all sorts. From a few photos to a gallery of over 10,000 images we have the right solution for the job.


 Newsletter - $225

Newsletters and email blasts are a great way to drive traffic to your site.A newsletter/email blast system is a great way to drive traffic to your website. There are several different solutions out there and we can implement the right one for you. We will repurpose your artwork, develop a template, import your contacts, setup user subscription management, and show you how to read the statistics.


 Newsfeeds - $50

RSS feed setup for your website.Get your content streaming out to the internet to content subscribers.



Content Development - priced per quote

Content development for your site is key to SEO ranking.Nothing has a more positive effect on your SEO ranking than fresh content of good quality. If you need help developing content and, in particular, blog postings and news items we can assist with that or provide it outright. Regular blog postings and news updates are two of the more significant things you can do to improve your search engine ranking.


Social Networks Setup and Integration - $175

Social networks setup and integration with your website.Registration for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. Like buttons setup on your site. Integrated with Google Analytics. We put it all together and do it seemlessly.


Mobile Devices Optimization - priced per quote

Mobile devices can view responsive sites.All our sites are “responsive”. They build themselves in response to the device that is requesting to view the site. They DO NOT SCALE DOWN in size to fit. It’s a completely different site. Many sites do not need any special customization at all but many do. Especially for “brick and mortar” business.


 User Login - $50

User management will be configured for your needs.Will you have users manage parts of the website and update content? Do you need to give access to employees, contributors, or managers? We can configure your users into groups so that they only get access to the features of the site they need to complete their tasks. This is a very cool feature of content management systems. It makes it much safer for employees to use.


 Members Area - priced per quote

Private members areas of your website can serve important functions for users.There are many reasons to have a members only area. Perhaps there are subscriptions to keep up to date, or bills to pay,  or support tickets to log. Here are three popular members only features.


Forums - priced per quote

Forums can be an important tool to increase repeat visitors.Forums are a great place for customer support, member discussions, announcements, and inquiries from the public.



Communitity - priced per quote

Community or private social network added to your website.Add in your own private social network. We can build you an entire “mini-Facebook”. This is good for community based groups.



Project Management -priced per quote

Project management solution added to your website.If you have teams working on projects we can deploy a project management solution on your website. Features include project dashboard, gantt chart, time-sensitive milestones, task lists, todo lists, timesheets, and group discussions.


 Database - priced per quote

A database can be developed to run on your site.Your website runs with a MySQL or PostgreSQL as it’s database. We can write a client application to access the data in your site and we can build a separate database on your site if needed. We have done this for contact data for membership.


Administration - included in our hosting plan

We provide essential administrative service for your website.We include the following services as part of our hosting plan. Daily backup, monthly archival, security, traffic monitoring, and basic SEO analysis.

If you are not on our hosting service then we highly recommend you talk to us about these important tasks. If you don’t have daily backup from your current host then you are not on a professional hosting service.


Training - priced per quote

We can provide training on all aspects of your website.We can provide training on all aspects of your website.

Cloud Based Solutions

blog cloud

So many services are now being hosted "in the cloud". Email is seeing a lot of migration to a cloud based service. Companies that specialize in email hosting can do a much better job at that one thing than most companies can by keeping a mail server in house.

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Security: Always On Our Mind


Security best practices are always implemented in all phases of your project.

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Search Engine Optimization will yield results.

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WordPress is the world's most popular content management sytem.

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Joomla is a premier content management system. It offers many features for the medium size organization such as access control lists and better image management.

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