The Internet

Worldwide internet connectivity continues to be the platform upon which one major innovation after another makes for impactful change. Not all of these are good as we continuously hear reports of major data breaches. All of our solutions are built on a foundation of security best practices beginning with passwords and the people who use them. No one with admin privileges to any of our solutions has anything less than the most secure password. Usually something like this: 8Ui#b9{Ggf35. More than a password it's a test to see who squawks about a password like that and who doesn't. If you can't handle a password like that then you certainly cannot handle the complexity of database and server management.

We know from our server logs that all of our websites are under daily attempts at penetration. The good news is that if current best practices are being employed there you can sleep well at night. Most of the attempts at penetration are targeted against people who do not practice good security or any at all. It's surprising who many passwords are "password".

The good news is that we can manage your solution to bring you the best advantages of modern internet connectivity.

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