Drupal Overview

Drupal is a very powerful content management system suitable for large organizations where departments or teams each maintain their own content. Universities are such an example. Keeping in mind that simple is not powerful and powerful is not simple Drupal entails a level of complexity that is typically outside the range of small to medium business owners. In our experience, and it contrast to both Joomla and WordPress, it is neither easy nor simple to work with. We find Drupal in larger organizations with a staff devoted to their website maintenance and it is very popular in the Boston area.

Drupal has a very strong community of developers and support. There are many plugins to choose from with which to extend and support your website. However Drupal has something Joomla and WordPress does not have and that is what is called a “distribution”. A distribution is like a version of Drupal that has been customized for a particular purpose. For example there's a "distro" for conference organizing. It provides all the features for event registration, session schedulings, session reviews, etc. Some of the other popular distros are:

  • CivicCRM - designed for constituent relationship management. Maintain relationships with constituents including fundraising. Used by more than 8000 organizations.
  • Confernence Orgainizing Distribution - used to organize and manage a conference.
  • Open Atrium - described as "an intranet in a box" it allows teams to form "group spaces" within which to collaborate and discuss a project including document management.
  • RedHen CRM - designed for contact relations management. It has the features for managing detailed information on contacts and organizations, membership services, event registrations, and constituent engagement. This is a more generalized package than CivicCRM.

We enjoy working with Drupal distributions though we don't do Drupal development from scratch. Contact us to discuss your needs.