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Welcome to Our Blog

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Welcome to Our Blog


With the updating of our website we're launching a new blog as well. It is our intent to make each blog posting an informative article on a subject of interest. The internet is changing to bring more and different technologies together, often on a hand held device. So we have a lot of potential topics to choose from and dive into. Here's an informal and incomplete list of what you might expect to read about.

  • Content Management Systems. What's new, what's hot, what's not. Both old and new plug-ins and add-ons will also be discussed.
  • SEO. This topic is ever changing and is where the money is...for you.
  • Hosting. Think cheapest is best? Then we're probably not a good match. If you're open-minded we'll educate you as to why.
  • Site updating and maintenance.
  • Accessing data with mobile devices.
  • Email campaigns with PHPList and MailChimp.
  • Document management solutions.
  • Digital asset management solutons.
  • Moodle the online learning application.

We'll provide links to all our articles and as well as links to useful tools, tips, and informative websites.


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